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Night's Black Agents - Resource Guide And SCreen

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From: Pelgrane Press

Four sturdy panels with beautiful Night’s Black Agents artwork, and a 56-page Resource Guide packed full of advice for Directors!  Night’s Black Agents player characters are highly trained super-spies, veterans of dozens of covert operations, ready to use guile and lethal force to overcome any obstacle. Night’s Black Agents players are even tougher.  Ready yourself for the inevitable conflict with our Director’s SCreen, keeping your notes and maps hidden until that final dramatic reveal. On one side, stunning artwork; on the other, vital reference tables for your eyes only.  Constructed of high-grade hardcover book stock, this durable SCreen is perfect for convention play or regular home game use.  Accompanying the SCreen is the practical Resource Guide, containing:

  • Initiation SCenes to kick off your campaign
  • New Monsters and enemy Operatives to bolster the ranks of the Conspiracy
  • Combat Options and Thriller SCene rules for when you need to zoom in on the action
  • Mission Skeletons and Location Plans to help build your adventures!

Made in the U.S.