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Infinity RPG Gamemasters Guide SC (RPG)

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The Infinity RPG Gamemaster's Guide decodes the mysteries of the Gamemaster's role, offers insight and advice for organising groups, designing campaigns, and running games, and introduces optional rules designed to offer new layers of immersion in the quantronic age.  Twelve comprehensive chapters designed to offer advice and tips to GMs both old and new, with topics ranging from establishing a group to warfare amongst the stars.  An in-depth look at NPCs and adversaries, including their role as both friends and enemies to the PCs.  Stats for eight major players drawn from across the factions of the Human Sphere, from Achilles to Van Zant.  Advanced rules for vehicular and starship combat, plus options for running battles that encompass entire regiments and divisions on the battlefield.  Practical advice for Heat, Zone creation, and the three aspects of conflict ” Warfare, Infowar, and Psywar ” plus a deeper delve into Maya and Arachne.  Made in the UK.