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Winter of the World: Adv In Brasayhal Core Rulebook


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From: Cakebread

Morvan Morlanhal! Morvan shall arise!

The chronicles of the Winter of the World echo down the ages in half-remembered myth and song - tales of the mysterious powers of the Mastersmiths, of the forging of great weapons, of the subterranean kingdoms of the Duergar, of gods who walked abroad...and of the Powers of the Ice, endlessly seeking dominion.

Michael SCott Rohan has told the tales of those times in six epic novels. Now you can join the adventures! Fight against the menace of the ruthless Ekwesh raiders and their evil shamans. Join the corsairs of Bryhaine. Trek the sinister forests of Tapiau'la-an-Aithen. Explore the mighty ruins of Kermorvan the City. Fight dragons in the cavernous kingdoms of the Duergar. Forge weapons of great might and join the fight against the darkly beautiful Ice-queen Louhi and the Powers of the Ice itself! Winter of the World: Adventures in Brasayhal contains everything you need to start role-playing in the world of Michael SCott Rohan's fantasy novels. Using the simple but elegant
OneDice rules, it plunges you into a world of powerful heroes, meddling gods and an ancient icy menace that seeks the extinction of life itself.