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L5r 4th: Book Of Water

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From: Alderac

The Book of Water is the latest volume in the Elemental series of sourcebooks for the L5R 4th Edition RPG. Following in the footsteps of previous books in the series, the Book of Water examines the influence of Water on Rokugan, in every aspect from war to politics to the natural world.

- In-depth examination of weapons associated with the power and flow of Water, such as chain weapons and slaves.
- Courtly ways of Water, such as the Ide and Yasuki mastery of commerce and the Kitsuki mastery of investigation.
- The magic of Water, including many new spells and shugenja paths.
- New monastic orders associated with Water.
- Detailed history and diSCussion of ship-building and naval warfare.
- Extensive diSCussion of the art and practice of divination
- A complete campaign setting, the Eternal Danger Islands.

6 full chapters and Mechanics Appendix. 200 pages, hardcover.