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Lost Changeling The Fear-Maker'S Promise Compilation (RPG)


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The Fear-Maker's Promise Compendium„¢ 
This SAS compilation for Changeling: The Lost takes the players' characters into the weirdly fantastic realm of the Hedge, where the terrors and wonders of the Fae lurk, and into the passion and courtly conflict of those who have escaped the Faerie lands and back into our world. Both adventures showcase different aspects of the world of the changelings, as well as providing a ready-made motley to jump right into the action. 
This book for Changeling: The Lost includes: 
A compilation of the ENnie-award winning adventure The Fear-Maker's Promise, � as well as The Rose-Bride's Plight, � reformatted for print
A number of SAS scenes and Storyteller characters for use in your own chronicle
A ready-to-use Changeling motley, complete with character sheets and story seeds for the Storyteller
160 pages softcover