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Rifter #71 & #72 Double-Sized Issue (RPG)

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The Rifter #71-72 Double Issue presents a nice variety of new source material for Rifts and other Palladium RPG settings. Celebrating the Rifts 25th Anniversary, there is an emphasis on Rifts and traveling between dimensions.
Splicers official � adventure and source material.
Beyond the Supernatural„¢ “ 10 Monsters of Japan.
Ninjas & Superspies„¢ “ an official � adventure.
Dead Reign “ adventure setting.
Rifts “ adventure setting, the Town of Semjaw, Canada.
Rifts short story: Reaper Cell. A prelude to Rifts The Disavowed.
 Official � Gaming Tips by Kevin Siembieda.
 Official � Gaming Tips by Julius Rosenstein and Kevin Siembieda.
Official � Game Improv Advice by Glen Evans.
News, coming attractions and much more.