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Rifts Coalition States: Heroes Of Humanity (RPG)

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The events unfolding in World Book 35: Megaverse® in Flames threaten to change the entire landscape of Rifts® Earth, as the demonic minions of Hades and Dyval seek to bring Hell on Earth and turn the planet into a dimensional gateway to Armageddon!
The Coalition States, along with Northern Gun and Lazlo, take the lead in the defense of North America. Heroes of Humanity explores the good and bad in the Coalition's efforts to save humanity and send this new threat back to the pits of Hell.
New Coalition weapons, armor and war machines.
The Coalition States: Are they heroes or villains? Or does it depend on whether you are human or not?
Can the CS fight alongside mages and D-Bees if it means saving the world?
How is the CS dealing with the Minion War on Earth?
One plan to battle the Xiticix and who really pays the price.
Adventure ideas and more.
Written by Kevin Siembieda, Matthew Clements and other contributors.