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Splicers: I Am Legion Adventure Sourcebook (RPG)


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The writer who brought you Rifts Northern Gun 1 & 2, Dead Reign Fear the Reaper and Graveyard Earth, as well as a contributor to many books, including the expanded Rifts Vampire Kingdoms and Vampires Sourcebook, among other titles, is back writing and editing books for Palladium.
This big, 256 page adventure sourcebook for Splicers is jam-packed with new Host Armors, War Mounts, Bio-Enhancements and a sweeping six part adventure, plus many additional adventure ideas, non-player characters, monsters and more. It introduces the new, megalomaniacal Machine personality known as Legion and her horde of nightmarish robots.
6 new Great Houses.
4 new Host Armors.
6 new Splicers War Mounts, plus monsters.
7 new Bio-Enhancements and augmentation.
19 new Bio-Weapons, including the Hive Sword, Bug Bombs and more.
15 new machines “ robots and amalgams of the murderous Legion.
The Factory Walker “ the single largest robot on the planet.
Amalgam creation tables, new alien predators, many NPCs and more.
Legion: A new and psychotic personality of N.E.X.U.S., statted and described.
All built into a sprawling, multi-part adventure!
Written by Chuck Walton II, Christopher Kluge, Lance Colley and others.
Cover and interior art by Charles Walton II.