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Rifts Gamemaster Guide (RPG)

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The ultimate Rifts reference and sourcebook, it contains all the weapons, equipment, body armor, power armor, robots, vehicles, skills and psionics from Rifts World Books 1-23, Sourcebooks 1-4, and Siege on Tolkeen 1-6, collected into one big reference. Plus, maps, lists and indexes of O.C.C.s, R.C.C.s, experience tables and more.
503 weapons, including explosives, plus E-Clips and ammo notes.
300 skills listed and described.
290 pieces of equipment.
104 suits of body armor.
182 vehicles.
86 suit of power armor.
58 robots.
Optional combat rules and examples of play.
Comprehensive index of O.C.C.s, R.C.C.s, P.C.C.s, and monsters.
Experience tables for scores of character classes.
Designer notes, rules clarifications and reference notes.
Game Master tips and hints for running Rifts.
Maps, adventure ideas, and a lexicon of terms.
Cover by David Dorman. Interior art by Perez, Wilson & others.