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Rifts Wb22 Free Quebec

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From: Palladium

The line is drawn and the Coalition Army faces off against the Glitter Boy legions and warriors of Free Quebec.
The war starts here!

  • Emphasis on the Quebec Military.
  • New Glitter Boys, V-SAM and other power armor.
  • Combat vehicles and weapons exclusive to Free Quebec.
  • Cyborgs unique to Free Quebec.
  • Coalition and Free Quebec war plans.
  • Background on the nation of Free Quebec and key figures.
  • Old Bones, full of intrigue and treachery.
  • Rumor & Conspiracy tables.
  • Hints and information about the Siege on Tolkeen.
  • By DesRochers & Siembieda.
  • 192 pages.
  • Cat. No. 837