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Runequest Gamemaster Screen Pack [Recommended]


From: Chaosium

GM SCreen, 96 page adventure book, 16 page calendar, 24 page reference booklet, and tuck box.

All Important Rules, Charts, References, and Maps in one Place! 

The RuneQuest Gamemaster SCreen Pack is an essential play aid for gamemasters of RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. The gamemaster SCreen itself is a landSCape four-panel SCreen, 34-inches wide, with a gorgeous illustration of the famed Gods Wall facing the players, and all manner of important references and summaries of key rules on the gamemaster’s side.

Included with the SCreen is a 96-page Adventures Book with three ready-to-play SCenarios set in Apple Lane, a small village beset with problems, along with seven ready-to-play adventurer characters. Apple Lane’s residents and surroundings are deSCribed in detail, making it a perfect location for gamemasters to begin RuneQuest campaigns in. Additional materials include a 24-page reference booklet, adventurer sheets, reference sheets, as well as maps of Apple Lane, Dragon Pass, and the world of Glorantha itself.

Selling Points

  • The Gamemasters SCreen Pack is more than just a SCreen, containing a 128-page Adventures Book, a 24-page reference booklet, adventurer sheets, and three full-color maps.
  • The Gamemaster SCreen itself is mounted on thick hardcover stock and folds out to 34 inches, 8.5 inches tall.
  • The three adventures are loosely linked and suitable for beginning or experienced adventurer characters. 
  • The evocative artwork on the SCreen helps set the mood for RuneQuest games, illustrating many of the famous gods and demigods of Glorantha.

Target Audience

  • RuneQuest gamemasters will find the reference materials and SCreen essential. 
  • People looking for RuneQuest adventures they can jump straight into, with all resources provided including pre-gen adventurers.
  • Glorantha and fantasy art fans who enjoy cartography.

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For use with RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha (CHA4028).