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Heroquest: The Coming Storm Hc

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From: Chaosium

The Red Cow, Volume 1
In Sartar, the Red Cow clan are surrounded by their enemies and occupied by the Lunar Empire. To their south the Culbrea tribe cast greedy eyes on the clans, to the north the treacherous Dinacoli seek vengeance for old wounds, and to the east the monstrous Telmori, a tribe of werewolves listen to a new leader, Jogar Sog, who calls on the wolfmen to slaughter their neighbors. The winds that bring the Hero Wars are blowing, can your heroes see your clan through The Coming Storm?

The Coming Storm is the guide to the Glorantha setting of the Red Cow clan in Sartar. With over 60 detailed and illustrated NPCs, write-ups of all major locations, maps, history of the Cinsina, and details of the neighbouring Dolutha, Two Pine, and Emerald Sword clans. Also covered are the Telmori werewolves, Wulfsland settlers, local rebel leaders and the ghouls of the Woods of the Dead. This book provides everything you need to run a classic clan-based Sartarite campaign with HeroQuest Glorantha.

What the Critics Say

"Depth. Detail. Feeling. Perfection. First, let me collect my jaw from the floor and reattach it; there, that's better... Content-wise, I am at loss for words. Every single wish I ever had from a supplement [covering cities, tribes, clans, an area etc] appears to be fulfilled... It doesn't really matter in what system or setting you are playing." "—Antonios S. review, RPGNet.