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Fate Of The Norns - Lords Of The Ash H/c


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From: Pendelhaven

Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok is publishing the definitive lore book dedicated to the gods, giants and spirits of the Viking world. Lords of the Ash will supercharge your RPG experience by bringing the divine races to life. Your adventures will extend to all of the distant realms which hang upon Yggdrasil!

Are you ready for a taste of the divine?

Lords of the Ash is a full sized lore book. The book delivers chapters about the divinities, their realms, the beasts which dwell within, powerful magical relics, new player archetypes, new powers and skills as well as new adventures. Lords of the Ash goes in-depth about the Aesir and Vanir gods, as well as the Rime and Muspeli jotuns. The book also explores Hel, as well as the dvergar and the alfar races. The Fate of the Norns universe isn't limited to the Viking mythology, but includes Baltic, Celtic, Finnish and Welsh pantheons and cultures- expect a rich tapestry that injects the majestic into your campaigns.

May the Norns guide your runes!