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Fate Of The Norns - The Illuminated Edda H/c

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From: Pendelhaven

"I know that I hung
on a wind-battered tree
nine long nights,
pierced by a spear
and given to Odin,
myself to myself,
on that tree
whose roots grow in a place
no one has ever seen."
- Havamal

The Illuminated Edda contains the eternal wisdom of the Viking gods. Within these pages are the complete tales from both the Prose and Poetic Eddas, including classics such as the Havamal, Voluspa, Gylfaginning and many more. You will also find tie-ins to Celtic, Finish, Inuit and Baltic mythology. Additional Fate of the Norns sagas complete the Norse cosmology and present, for the first time, a seamless narrative that delivers a vivid tapestry of myths from the Viking Age.

The Illuminated Edda's pages are beautifully illustrated with evocative and stunning full colour works. This book includes an exhaustive glossary of characters, places and magical items. Within these pages you are treated with a stand-alone story-telling game which uses the Runic-Game-System:Prime (RGS-Prime). Using a set of Futhark runes, you and your family will embark upon endless adventures in the Viking realm.