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Shadows Over Sol Shiny New Toys


Note: This special-order item may take 7-9 days to ship.

From: Tab Creations

What would SCience fiction be without fantastic technologies or life-changing Discoveries? What would it be without climactic spaceship battles or tense standoffs? Shadows Over Sol: Shiny New Toys is here to help tell these stories, with new weapons, new gear and rules for vehicular confrontation! Shadows Over Sol: Shiny New Toys is a key supplement for Shadows Over Sol. Its features include: Complete vehicle rules, from spaceships to motor bikes. A system for space battles and other vehicular combat. Design and customize your own spaceship, from selecting a hull to what components are on board! More than 30 new arms and armor options, to survive the coming horror. Over 80 new pieces of equipment, from fabricators to SCout drones!