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Metamorphosis Alpha Rpg

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From: Signal Fire

Metamorphosis Alpha was the very first SCience-fiction roleplaying game, designed by James M. Ward and published in 1976. After many incarnations, Signal Fire Studios is proud to present a new version of the game for both existing fans and those who’ve never before explored the twisted decks of the Warden. The new product line uses a new set of roleplaying game rules designed by award-winning game designer Jamie Chambers that allows both new and veteran players to quickly jump into the action aboard the Warden!

Play a primitive mutant human, animal, or plan fighting for survival or trying to unlock the many secrets hidden within the starship. Or use the rules for mutant characters to bring them into another world. Alternately, bring characters from another compatible game and pit them against the terrifying denizens of the Warden!

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