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Order Of The Stick #-1: Start Of Darkness

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From: Giant I/t Playg

The Order of the Stick: Start of Darkness is the second all-new, print-exclusive volume in the popular Order of the Stick collection of comedic fantasy roleplaying game comics. The companion volume to our best-selling On the Origin of PCs, this book delves back into the past to explore the genesis of the Order of the Stick's archnemesis, Xykon the lich sorcerer. Learn how Xykon became a lich, how he met Redcloak the goblin cleric and the mysterious Monster in the Darkness, and how he totally killed Roy's dad's master, like right in front of him. Ouch.

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  • 112 pages of brand new, never-seen-before comedy that fans of the OOTS comic can't read anywhere else.
  • Black and white, but with a special 16-page full-color insert telling the Secret Lore of the Crimson Mantle - in crayon format!
  • Preface by Miko Miyazaki, paladin.