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Four Dragons [Table Top Game]

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From: Jolly Roger

Dia De Los Muertos (Days Of The Dead) is played over three days as you send animals, then children, then adults on to the afterlife. It is a basic trick taking game, except that most cards have an action with them. You play as a partnership, and if your side wins scoring cards (the dead or food), you exchange a card with your opponent. Other cards allow swaps between partners, asking a question, cancelling other cards and so on.

The first time you play, there's a lot of checking the rules, checking the crib sheet, remembering if you exchange cards. You spend more time figuring the game than playing the tricks. But after a couple of hands, it makes sense and you switch to game-playing mode. And here's where it pays. If you enjoy Bridge, can figure out what you partner signals when they swap a card, can read the deck based on what's been played, you will really enjoy Dia De Loa Muertos. If you don't like Bridge, or can't figure trick-taking games anyway, steer well clear. Rather brain-bending it is.

The original game has nice native graphics of the dead abroad and has a variant for 3 players. The re-issue as Four Dragons has an oriental theme.