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Future Card Buddyfight - Crossing Generations Booster


From: Bushiroad

5 cards in 1 pack
30 packs in 1 display

The popular booster alternative is here!

Ridiculously strong cards to augment your decks!
This booster features the two worlds of X start decks! All the cards in this booster are definitely useable in your X start decks, granting you greater power!

Popular monsters return!
Featuring a huge assembly of monsters from the animation, and three of the six Buddy Rares are the ever-popular Buddies of Gao!  

Pre-order bonus!
Buddyfighters who pre-order two displays of Crossing Generations will receive a pair of PR cards! One from Dragon World and one from Star Dragon World! More cards to enhance your X start decks!

Cards included in this booster synergize amazingly with the two X start decks.
So be sure to check those out too!  

Guaranteed one SECRET pack sealed in every display!

Parallel foil versions of uncommons and rares are randomly inserted.