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Future Card Buddyfight - Burning Valor Character Pack


From: Bushiroad

3 cards per pack
30 packs per display

The all-new Character Pack, Burning Valor packs a pocket sized punch! Relive the scenes from the animation with many of Gao Mikado's signature cards and explore the monsters of Dragon World to build your favourite Armordragon or Dragon Knight deck! Will you answer the roar of the dragons with valor?

- BFE CP01 Burning Valor is a brand new product type which is suitable for young customers with its low SRP and specific target approach.

- BFE CP01 features specifically Dragon World cards. Series protagonist, Gao Mikado's cards are featured in this set. Players can relive the scenes from the animation with signature monsters and impact cards.

- Each pack of BFE CP01 contains 3 cards. 1 card will always be an R or above. Collect the legendary Buddy rare (BR) card in this set!