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Fluxx Creeper Pack [Table Top Game]


Note: This special-order item may take 7-9 days to ship.

Version 4.0 of Fluxx introduced Creepers to the basic game, but these cards were dropped again when Fluxx 5.0 was published. This left several cards unavailable, but now they’re back, along with other new particularly intense Fluxx cards!

Card List:

  • New Rules: Silver Lining and You Also Need a Baked Potato
  • Actions: Steal Something; Trash Something; Creeper Sweeper; and Move a Creeper
  • Creeper: War; Taxes; Death; and Radioactive Potato
  • Goals: War = Death; All That Is Certain (Death & Taxes); Death by Chocolate; Money (No Taxes); Peace (No War); and Your Tax Dollars at War