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Pyramid Arcade [Table Top Game]


Note: This special-order item may take 7-9 days to ship.

Number of Players: 1-10

Playing Time: 60-180 Minutes

Recommended Ages: 8+

Pyramid Arcade is a complete game library in one box. Inside, you'll find everything you need to play 22 different tabletop games, each of which uses the Looney Pyramid gaming pieces in a different way. The games in this arcade range from easy to complex, from mostly-luck to pure skill, and from time-killer to brain-burner. Developed over the course of more than twenty-five years, the games in this set are truly out of this world!

The instruction book in Pyramid Arcade has detailed instructions to play the following 22 games: Ice Dice, Zark City, Color Wheel, Black Ice, Twin Win, Treehouse, Petal Battle, Launchpad 23, Volcano, Hijinks, Ice Towers, Lunar Invaders, Verticality, Homeworlds, Powerhouse, Looney Ludo, Pyramid-Sham-Bo, Give or Take, World War 5, Petri Dish, Martian Chess, and Pharaoh.

The 22 Games in Pyramid Arcade

  • Black ICE: You are a computer hacker, seeking to be the first to figure out a 3 color secret code.
  • Color Wheel: A solitaire / cooperative game of swapping pieces until all are grouped into clusters of one color.
  • Give or Take: Collect a matched set of 3 pieces by taking from a central pile, or giving pieces back.
  • Hijinks: Get all 3 same-sized pieces lined up in your home row before your opponent does.
  • Homeworlds: A complex intergalactic space battle game. No luck, no hidden info, just pure strategy.
  • IceDice: A fast & simple press-your-luck dice game. Collect 3 monochrome trees to win!
  • IceTowers: A fast, turnless stacking game. You get points for each piece in a tower if your piece is on top!
  • LaunchPad 23: Be the first to build a 5-stage rocket using randomly delivered factory parts!
  • Looney Ludo: Your pieces move around on a gameboard made of tiles that rotate and change positions.
  • Lunar Invaders: You must teleport to an enemy moon, take over their teleporter, and use it to beam home.
  • Martian Chess: It’s kind of like chess, but your pieces change ownership as soon as you attack with them.
  • Petal Battle: Your pieces represent insects fighting over a flower. Take over half of the petals to win!
  • Petri Dish: You control germs in a Petri dish. Dominate the dish by eliminating the other germs!
  • Pharaoh: Get your 3 pieces into a row in the center of the board before you get kicked back out!
  • Powerhouse: Pieces drawn randomly from a bag react to others you’ve saved as you seek to build a set.
  • Pyramid-Sham-Bo: Pyramids are added to Rock Paper Scissors to make it an elimination tournament event.
  • Treehouse: Rearrange your trio of pieces to match the arrangement of a trio centered on the table. 
  • Twin Win: A quick bluffing board game where you seek to build either of 2 secret goal patterns.
  • Verticality: A dexterity game in which players build rickety towers using cards and pyramids
  • Volcano: A puzzle game of causing eruptions and matching pieces to collect a set of trios.
  • World War 5: It’s a world conquest board game you can play in just half an hour!
  • Zark City: A deck of standard playing cards is used to create a gameboard to battle upon.


  • Instruction book
  • 90 pyramids; 3 Trios in each of the 10 colors
  • 3 standard dice
  • 3 lightning dice
  • 1 pyramid die
  • 1 color die
  • 1 Treehouse die
  • 1 Volcano big gameboard
  • 1 Color Wheel big gameboard
  • 1 two-sided Martian Chess/World War 5 big gameboard
  • 6 square Looney Ludo mini gameboards
  • 2 round Lunar Invaders mini gameboards
  • 1 deck of Pyramid Arcade cards
  • 1 deck of Twin Win cards
  • 1 deck of Zark City cards
  • 1 turn token
  • 1 drawstring bag
  • 1 Starship Captain sticker