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Choose One [Table Top Game]


Note: This special-order item may take 7-9 days to ship.

Number of Players: 3-10

Playing Time: 20-40 Minutes

Recommended Ages: 14+

Sometimes it's the little things that create the biggest fun! How well do you know your friends?  Will your they choose Outer Space, or The Bottom of the Sea? Do they prefer the Window or the Aisle?  Are they all about the Party, or the After-Party?  Successfully predict how your friends will answer thought-provoking questions like these and advance your token to the finish line!

One player is the Chooser.  They pick a Topic card from their hand and present it to the group.  Then everyone else tries to figure out which of the two options the Chooser will pick.  Everyone, including the Chooser, indicates their answer by holding out either their blue or their white Choice card, face down.  When everyone has made their decision, all cards are revealed.  If nobody matches the Chooser's answer, then the Chooser gets two points.  If any players do guess right then those players and the Chooser get one point, but if everyone gets it right, nobody gets a point. Tokens are moved along the scoring board accordingly, and the role of Chooser passes to the next player.  The first player to the Winner's circle (11 points) wins!