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Arcane Legion 2-player Starter


Starter Contents

·        120 plastic, 25mm, deco-print–enhanced, unpainted figures (40 per faction)
·        3 prepainted 25mm commander figures (one per faction)
·        10 plastic formation bases
·        3 plastic sortie bases
·        21 formation unit cards and associated special ability cards (7 per faction)
·        3 sortie unit cards and associated special ability cards (one per faction)
·        3 victory cards (one per faction)
·        2 control terrain markers
·        1 movement tool
·        36 dice
·        Complete rules and fiction book

Case Pack:

6 Starters per case

Case Size (inches):

12.75" (L) x 16" (W) x 15.75" (H)


Anticipated Street Date: September 30, 2009


In an industry first, Arcane Legions™ delivers a mass action miniatures game with a collectable model that makes sense for both retailers and consumers. Easy to stock and inexpensive to collect, this innovative game for two or more players is set within an intriguing and mysterious alternative history. Players can send hundreds of figures to their deaths—all in under two hours!

 Excitement surrounding Wells Expeditions’ premiere release is incredible, so don’t miss out: Preorder Arcane Legions early—before it’s too late!

The Collectable Mass Action Miniatures Game


The greatest armies of antiquity battle for control of a magically altered world. The year is 37 BCE. The Roman Empire, Egyptian Imperium, and Han Empire converge in epic battles across the Middle East. Their legions are full of men and monsters, warriors and sorceresses, undead and gods—this is epic war like none seen before.

Arcane Legions™ features a unique base design that tracks damage and allows players to alter their units’ formations for flexible and powerful performance. Arcane Legions eliminates rules reference during play yet offers strategic depth not found in more complicated, longer-playing games.

 The Arcane Legions Starter includes an army for each faction (Roman, Egyptian, and Han Empire): more than 110 unpainted figures plus three fully painted commander figures to lead these powerful legions. Everything is included for a complete two-player game!

 Features and Benefits 

  • New and Innovative Game System. Arcane Legions offers a mass action miniatures game that is easy to stock and sell, engages the casual game player, and drives repeat purchases.
  • Reduces the New-Player Barrier. Straightforward game system, uncomplicated setup, and a collectable model—all in a game that takes less than two hours to play.
  • Customization! Players can design their own base cards, adding a creative and tournament-legal flexibility. 
  • Great Value. Arcane Legions delivers fantastic value to consumers and full margin to retailers. By offering common figures in Army Packs rather than Booster Packs and making Boosters faction-specific, Arcane Legions is the least expensive collectable miniatures game ever created.
  • Community Support. Monthly scenario kits are sold at retail to fuel in-store Organized Play events that are promoted by the industry’s most extensive online community platform.