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Infinity: Quantronic Black-ops Room


From: Plast Craft

Materials: PVC foam, MDF, Methacrylate.

Weight: 420gr /0.93lb
Size: (Building)
Width: 27.1cm / 10.7in
Height: 10.0cm / 3.9in
Length: 27.1cm / 10.7in

Size: (Quantronic Antenna)
Width: 3.2cm / 1.3in
Height: 5.6 cm / 2.2in
Length: 6.0cm / 2.3in

“Quantronic” terrain range is perfect for representing the facilities of Aleph, established on all the planets of the Human Sphere.

This model comes pre-colored and it is delivered unassembled.

ColorED terrain set consisting in printed foam PVC, HDF and methacrylate. Black-Ops room is a set of precolored scenery designed for Infinity. These can be also used in any other futuristic aesthetic 28-30mm scale game.

“From these super-secret facilities, equipped with refraction fields to camouflage themselves, the AI assigns missions to its operatives and plans strategic actions for the battle front.”