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Zombicide 3: Team Building Deck [Table Top Game]

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From: Cool Mini

Token, tiles, and stand-up barriers give your game board everything it needs to bring the table to life.

True team mechanics are making their way to Zombicide. A new deck of team actions allow entire squads of survivors to all act simultaneously, taking powerful actions like all firing into a zone or jumping forward on the run from the horde. But that’s not all. Season 3 will also introduce PvP. Teams of survivors will compete against each other to earn xp and complete objectives. Players can fight one another, but bullet proof vests and a lack of XP for dead opponents will keep the game focus from being solely on creating deathmatches. We do know that the PvP rules will be optional, so those looking for a strictly co-op experience will still be able to play the Zombicide they know and love.