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Kaosball Team Worstshire Goblins

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From: Cool Mini

Designer: Eric M. Lang 
Cool Mini Or Not 
Year Published: 2014 
# of Players: 
2 − 4 
Ages: 13 and up
Playing Time: 60 minutes 

“There ain’t no AYE in team, but there is MEAT. And that’s you when we’re done.”

-Coach Dru

The Goblins approach Kaosball with the same attitude they approach life: We'll do things our own way. Worstshire's reputation as a rough and rowdy town with little to recommend it is well deserved. The Goblins are Kaosball’s anarchs, the team who spit on authority and defy convention. Their team power turns the crossfield into a giant mosh pit, and if your runners or bruisers are surrounded by Goblins, prepare to be crowd-surfed right out of the action!

This is a Kickstarter and convention exclusive team!