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Neverborn 2e: Bultungin


From: Wyrd

Item # WYR20442

32mm 'Heroic' Scale

When Titania's Fae were hunted to extinction, only a few races managed to escape the purge. The Bultungin were not among that number. Their entire race was wiped out and their bones were tossed at the base of Nythera as a warning to others.

When Titania escaped her prison, plants and thorns pushed their way out of the cracked earth, her very presence forcing the land around her into bloom. Far beneath the land, the bones of the ancient dead were infused with new vitality and the resurrected Bultungin clawed their way free of the ground to suck in their first lungfuls of air in millennia.

Bultungins are opportunistic hunters. They hunt their prey from the shadows, only striking when their victims let down their guards.

Plastic components.

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.