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Guild 2e: Witchling Thrall


From: Wyrd

Everyone react differently to the aetheric environment of Malifaux, Many people seem to remain untouched, other seems to be able to tap into their magical potential more easily, and a rare few learn how to bend the aether around them, using it to fuel their growing magical powers.

One the rare occasion Sonnia captures such a powerful individual, she takes her time with them. Any run of the mill Arcanist can be turned into a Witchling Stalker, but these prime specimens are instead transformed in to mighty Whitchling thralls. Their powers power turns inwards during the transformation, searing away their minds and repurposing their bodies in to massive walls of muscle.

Afterwards they are assigned a handler, just like the Stalkers, and they begin the long, agonizing process of being turned into nothing more than a tool for the Guild, a killing machine designed to seek and destroy others with their power. In a different world, they might have been deciding the future of Malifaux, but Fate, and Sonnia Criid, had other plans.

Guild Box Set, containing two 32mm 'heroic' scale miniatures made of high quality plastic.