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Gremlins 2e: Bayou Gator


From: Wyrd

When you're in a swamp, the funny thing about logs is that they're not always logs. A lot of people discover this sooner or later out on the Bayou, but very few of them last long enough to spread the word.

One of nature's finest ambush predators, the Bayou Gator has prospered not only through its inherent skill, but also because the genetic lottery was kind enough to make Gremlins conveniently bite-sized. With stealth, speed, and jaws that could crush a wagon axle, they're pretty much King of the Hill out in the wetlands.

The truth about logs is now common knowledge to swamp dwellers, but for all the other folks blundering through the reeds and stagnant water of the Bayou, a huge toothy maw bursting out of the darkness is often the last thing they see before they're dentured, death-rolled, and digested.

Models are made of plastic.
32mm 'heroic' scale


  • 3 Bayou Gators

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.