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Army Men D6 Dice Set [Table Top Game]

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From: Steve Jackson

Recommended Ages: 10+

The ubiquitous green army men of your childhood have made the jump from toys to games! This set of twelve 16mm six-siders is perfect for any battle. Emerge victorious as your opponents cower in fear of your overwhelmingly superior dice.

Many of us grew up playing with green plastic army men. We've taken that classic design and turned it into dice for grown-up play. This package includes a full dozen 16mm six-sided dice, enough for your favorite wargame or a really cool fireball - or both!

Key Features:

  • Wargamers and toy fans will love these dice - and who doesn't need more six-siders?
  • A great gift idea for military service members and their families.
  • Seriously, they're dice - you know how to sell these!