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Hack And Slash

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Number of Players: 3-6

Playing Time: 20 Minutes

Recommended Ages: 10+

Don't Fail...

In this quick game, your guild of adventurers is ready for anything: battles, rescues, and the "liberation" of whatever pays the most. Choose a quest and roll the dice! You  may win fame, and even recruit a new comrade for your party. Or you may fail, and slink back to the Tavern.

Key Features:

• Illustrated by Lar deSouza

• Hack & Slash can be played entirely through video chat as long as one person has the game and other players have their own supply of meeples and three six-sided dice! 


• 21 Quest cards

• 1 First player card

• 50 Meeples

• 3 six-sided dice