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Ww1 Wog Albatros D.v (weber) [Table Top Game]

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From: Ares Games

Number of Players: 2+
Playing Time: 30+ Minutes
Recommended Ages: 13+

The Albatros D.V. was a fighter aircraft used by the Luftstreitkrafte (Imperial German Air Service) during World War I. The D.V was the last Albatros fighter to see operational service, and it was subject to serious problem of structure. The improved D.Va version, with a reinforced wing structure and more resistant fuselage, was widely used by the Luftstreitkrafte and 1612 D.Va aircrafts were built before production halted in early 1918. The D.Va contrinued in operational service until the end of the war.

The ace Rudolf Weber had a record of 6 victories, commanding the Flik 102G in early 1918. He was killed returning home in a captured automobile by volunteer at a roadside checkpoint in Styria, Austria.

Each WW1 Wing of Glory Airplane Pack is a ready-to-play model, painted and assembled, 100% compatible with any other WW1 Wings of Glory game product.

This is not a complete game. You must own a WW1 Wings of Glory - Rules and Accessories Pack or a Duel Pack to play.


  • 1/144 scale model, flight stand with game stats
  • 4 altitude stands
  • Airplane card, maneuver and special cards