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Ww1 Wog Airplane Pack Nieuport Ni.28 O'neill

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From: Ares Games

Players:  2+
Play Time
:  30+
Ages:  13+

Case:  24

The Nieuport Ni.28 was a French biplane fighter flown during World War I, designed by Gustave Delage. Owing its lineage to the successful line of sesquiplane fighters as the Nieuport 17, the Nieuport 28 continued a similar design philosophy of a lightweight and highly maneuverable aircraft. A shortage of SPADs led to the production of Nieuport 28s. It became the first aircraft to see operational service with an American fighter squadron. It was flown by famous aces such as Ralph A. O’Neil, Harold E. Hartney and Edward Rickenbacker.
Designed to be used with the popular air combat game system created by Andrea Angiolino and Pier Giorgio Paglia, each WW1 Wings of Glory® Airplane Pack is a ready-to-play model, painted and assembled, 100% compatible with any other WW1 Wings of Glory game product.

In each pack you will find all you need to play with the airplane: a special base with gaming stats, a variable altitude flying stand, and a specific deck of maneuver cards.

This is not a complete game. You must own a WW1Wings of Glory — Rules and Accessories Pack to play.

Note: These models are sold as individual Airplane Packs.