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Wrong Chemistry: Expand Your Lab [Table Top Game]


Note: This special-order item may take 7-9 days to ship.

: Tony Cimino
Artist : Michael Andresakis
            Nikolay Popov
Publisher : Mage Company
Year Published : 2013
# of Players : 2 - 5
Playing Time : 25 Minutes
Ages : 8 and Up

In Wrong Chemistry, players want to collect as many points as they can by forming molecules based on the cards they draw. The expansion Wrong Chemistry: Expand Your Lab adds to the action of the base game, first by allowing for play with up to five players, and second by adding new element cards that expand upon the tactics of the base game by giving you new ways to earn points and by using both sides of the hex tiles.

In addition, new scientists have been added to the game; each player chooses one at the start of play and can use the power of this scientist up to three times during the game. Two new cards – "The Element of Surprise" and "Transmutium" – can be played in combination with the scientists to let you play during your rivals' turns.

Finally, five new cards – each worth 5 points – are placed face up on the table, waiting to be claimed by any player who can form these difficult combinations. As soon as the final card is claimed, the game ends – but the game can end in other ways as well as you'll discover during the game!