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Traitor Mechanic: The Traitor Mechanic Game

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From: Dice Hate Me

Number of Players:  4-10

Life is always busy at Slim’s Auto Shop. But ever since a rival repair store opened up across town, things have seemed even more chaotic than usual. Simple repairs have started going wrong; instead of new headlights, that old Jeep was sent out with six new belts. The bus with four broken windows was cleaned up and given diamond-studded tires. Is it possible that someone is deliberately throwing a wrench in the works?

Could one of your co-workers be... a Traitor Mechanic?  Traitor Mechanic: the Traitor Mechanic Game is a game of social deduction and auto repair for 4 to 10 mechanics... some of which may be traitors!

Traitor Mechanic.pdf