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Endless Realms Creature Compendium


Note: This special-order item may take 7-9 days to ship.

From: Lunar Games

WARNING – this book will lead to the deaths of many adventurers!

Contained herein are some of the realms’ most twisted, corrupt, and conniving creatures – fearsome foes to test the strength of those unfortunate enough to encounter them. The realms are not all death and danger, however; this tome also contains cute critters, interesting animals, and plenty of helPathFinder ul and intelligent denizens with communities and history of their own.

Wherever your adventures take you, something from the Creature Compendium will be there to greet you!

The Endless Realms Creature Compendium contains:

  • Over 250 creatures
  • Many alternate creature variants to keep players on their toes
  • Rules for creating custom creatures
  • Rules for adjusting the strength of creatures

Requires Endless Realms Corebook To play