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Tattoo Stories [Table Top Game]

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From: Bicycle Cards And Games

Number of Players: 4-6
Playing Time: 30+ Minutes
Recommended Ages: 12+

A party game where players compete by drawing tattoos and pitching the design to their friends. Everyone takes a turn as the customer by selecting 5 elements to inspire their tattoo. The other players (tattoo artists) make up a story and draw a tattoo they feel best represents the cards selected, then pitch their idea to the customer.

  • So easy to learn, you will start having fun in less than a minute.
  • A drawing game that even the people with no art skills can win!
  • Designed to be accessible to a broad audience and be easy to pick up and enjoy. If you want a game anybody in the room can play Tattoo Stories is your game.
  • High social sharing to drive word-of-mouth.
  • Premium foil packaging and components attracts consumers at the shelf, and delivers on the quality they expect from BICYCLE.