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Patronize [Table Top Game]


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From: Alderac

Case Count:   36 Units Bulk 

Flavor Text

It’s a time of upheaval; the arts and sciences are flourishing.
Now is your chance to gather fame and honor by becoming a patron of the best and brightest minds. Will you succeed, or will history forget your name?
As a patron, knowing when to strive for fame, when to maintain a low profile, and when to sit back and profit from others’ work will determine your fate.

Catalog Text

Patronize is a fast and fun trick-taking game from Japanese designer Hisashi Hayashi (Trains, Sail to India).

Bullet Points

- Clever trick-taking game
- Simple Rules
- Set in the Tempest universe
- Another story in the Tempest setting with new and old characters
- 20 minute playing time


- 29 cards (incl. reference cards)
- 37 wooden cubes

Players:  3-5
Ages:        14+ 
Playing Time:   20 minutes