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Say Bye To Villains [Table Top Game]

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From: Alderac

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Flavor text

Valiant heroes, vanquishers, stand up to protect good people from evil villains beyond the reach of the law. Vanquishers work in the shadows, cutting down evil wherever it can be found, but they must be quick to discover the villains’ secrets and constantly hone their martial skills in order to succeed. Will the vanquishers defeat all of the villains, or will evil prevail?

General description

Say Bye to the Villains is a cooperative game in which players take on the role of “vanquishers” to defeat all of the evil villains. Players prepare for the final showdown by playing Action cards to improve their traits and grant them powerful special abilities. Players can also investigate the facedown Situation cards that are placed on villains (representing traps, bodyguards and other threats) in order to better prepare.

Bullet Points

- Created by famed game designer Seiji Kanai.
- Low price point.
- Cooperative game where all players win or lose the game as a team.
- Part of the pocket line series.
- Part of the Big in Japan series.