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The Fittest [Table Top Game]

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From: Dice Hate Me

Designer: Graham Russell (II) 
Christopher Kirkman, Darrell Louder 
Dice Hate Me Games 
# of Players: 4 − 6
Ages: 13 and up
Playing Time: 45 minutes

You've been selected for the most rigorous, cutthroat reality competition on TV! As a contestant, you’ll compete in challenges and work with and against the other competitors for a shot at fame and fortune. You won’t win if you go it alone, but don’t get too friendly! You’ll have to do a bit of backstabbing to emerge victorious.

The Fittest features fierce social play and shifting alliances. Players will have to evaluate a challenge each round and convince other players to work with them in order to best the challenge for variable rewards. The player who has best managed their alliances and achieved the best rewards at the end of the game will be the victor.

The Fittest was chosen as a runner-up in the Dice Hate Me 54-Card Challenge - a contest that asked designers to create a game with 54 cards with minimal components. The Fittest was chosen as one of the best out of a pool of over 100 game entries.