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Airfix Battles: The Introductory Wargame (RPG)

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Number of Players: 1-4Play time: 30-60 MinutesAges: 10+
A quick, simple, fun to play introductory wargame ready out of the box.
Airfix is a fondly remembered part of everyone's childhood and the company are famous for their line of injection-moulded plastic aircraft, tanks and soldiers.  The Airfix brand has been synonymous with model kits for years and now it's back with a vengeance, with Airfix Battles bringing those adventures to life and its campaigns to a tabletop near you.  Set up the battle using step-by-step instructions in the Mission book and you're ready to play. Each player has a hand of Command Cards to move and make their forces fight, bring in airstrikes or artillery support. You'll never know what your opponent is going to do next!  The game is designed to get you playing quickly, with fast and fun rules so you can play several times in an afternoon or evening with typical missions lasting from 30-60 minutes. 
Made in the UK.