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Deck Of Many: Conditions

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From: Hit Point

The Deck of Many Conditions is a tool used to assist Game Masters in their 5e role-playing campaigns. Did one of your players get poisoned? Give them a card so they can't forget what it means and how it affects their play!

Each card features original artwork and easy to reference information.

Contents: 33 Tarot Sized Cards

  • 4x Charmed/ Deafened
  • 4x Frightened/ Invisible
  • 4x Blinded/ Petrified
  • 4x Paralyzed/ Poisoned
  • 4x Prone/ Restrained
  • 2x Fatigued/ Exhaustion
  • 4x Stunned/ UnconSCious
  • 4x Grappled/ Incapacitated
  • 3x Blank Custom Encounter Cards