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Claim Reinforcements: Mercenaries

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Number of Players: 2

Playing Time: 25 Minutes

Recommended Ages: 10+

A critically acclaimed trick taking game that makes a great quick filler, perfect for a cafe break, or date night! In the absence of permanent standing armies, combatants for the throne rely on mercenaries to do the fighting for them. But will the Heroes be helpful to your plans? And how about the intentions of the Cyclops, the Elves and the Orc clans? Chaotic times lay ahead.

  • Epic expansion with new mechanics for Claim!
  • Brand new cards like Potions, Heroes, Artifacts and more! 
  • Claim is the perfect quick, easy and FUN 2 player game, now with TONS more ways to play!

Note: The Claim Reinforcements games are an expansion. You will need Claim or Claim2 to play the game.