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Get Reelz R-rated Pack

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From: Grey Fox

Number of Players: 3-8
Playing Time: 15-30 Minutes
Recommended Ages: 17+

Get Reelz is a movie-themed party game where each round one player (the Producer) decides which movie is going to be made! The other players represent Writers that must scramble to come up with the most entertaining movie title that also fits the demands of the studio.

Writers accomplish this by flipping, rotating, mixing, and matching the movie title cards in their hands. Each side has a word or phrase that can be added to their movie's title.

When time runs out, everyone pitches their title to the Producer. Get the most movies made to win!

Hollywood is running out of ideas!

  • The R-Rated pack adds 20 new cards and 160 new words for producers that are looking for a more mature audience.