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Panini Afterworld Genesis Starter


From: Panini

166 Cards Per Box
4 Boxes Per Inner


Here the greatest civilizations of the past and present, both true-to-life and mythological, battle for dominance in a new, intriguing world.
Protect your territories, activate powerful relics and items, and recruit units to your army as you seek to destroy your opponent¹s locations.
Follow along (and even influence) the constantly evolving storyline to unravel the mystery.

  • Each base game includes two 60-card decks (each individually cello wrapped), one 24-card territory deck (cell wrapped), one 10-card booster pack, two play mats, one rule book, 12 Commander cards, and six plastic stands (to hold the Commander cards).
  • Both base games include enough cards for two players to play a complete game with two factions: fierce Norse fighters against the mysterious Atlanteans, or the cunning Egyptians against the divine Japanese warriors.
  • Two different sets of rules, one for casual “out of the box” play and a streamlined version for tournament play will be included with each base game.