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Pip Warmachine - Convergence Faction Token Set

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From: Broken Egg

All our faction sets come with each token that is needed for your models, faction wide! These Token Sets cover all the in-faction models released in the Warmachine and Hordes Mk3 Launch. 

This set includes:
1 Feat 
1 Mini-Feat 
24 Focus 

12 Upkeeps: 
Tactical Supremacy-Magnetic Hold-Admonition-Discontinuity-Iron Aggression-Arcane Might-Reconstruct-Synergy-Watcher-Onslaught-Hot-Shot-Backlash 

7 Spell Effects: 
Deceleration-Aerogenesis-Bladed Gale-2x Positive Charge-Fire Group-Unstoppable Force 

30 Game Effects: 
2x Imperil-2x Beacon-3x All-Terrain-3x Weapons-Modulation-2x Empowered Attack-2x Accuracy-3x Flare-Hand of Vengeance-2x Shields Up-2x Snipe-2x Shield Wall-4x Dig In-Grievous Wounds-2x Set Defense