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Pip Warmachine - Cygnar Faction Token Set

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From: Broken Egg

All our faction sets come with each token that is needed for your models, faction wide! These Token Sets cover all the in-faction models released in the Warmachine and Hordes Mk3 Launch. 

This set includes:
1 Feat 
1 Mini-Feat 
3 Power 
33 Focus 

26 Upkeeps: 
Escort-Force Field-Onslaught-Assail-Lightning Shroud-2x Arcane Shield-Explosivo-Rebuke-Sidekick-Snipe-Refuge-Fail-Safe-Fortify-Iron Aggression-Blur-Pursuit-Electrify-Polarity Shield-Fury-Heightened Reflexes-Magnetic Field-Fire For Effect-Radiance of Morrow-Dauntless Resolve-Tactical Supremacy-Bullet Dodger 

21 Spell Effects: 
2x Ghost Walk-2x Time Bomb-2x Return Fire-Deadeye-Voltaic Snare-Deflection-Fire Group-Guided Fire-Crusader’s Call-Full Throttle-Easy Rider-Arcane Reinforcement-Temporal Distortion-Temporal Acceleration-Evasive Action-Temporal Barrier-Positive Charge 

25 Game Effects: 
2x Flare-Rune Shot-4x Dig In-March-3x Kinetic Grip-High-Angle Fire-Artillerist-Battery Fire-3x Grievous Wounds-Polarity Field-Shadow Fire-Tractor Field-Path to Victory-Infiltrate-Swift Vengeance-Beast Lore-Shield Wall