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Force of Will -A3 The Moonlit Savior Booster


From: Force Of Will

10 Cards Per Pack
36 Packs Per Box

The Journey of Destiny:

Dark Alice is defeated. Alice, barely surviving her injuries, retreats to Yggdrasil. As five nations mourn the loss of their kings, disaster once again strikes. Time and space shudder as the Primogenitor finally appears in the light of a black moon, and he is not alone.

Elsewhere, seeking revenge, Pricia and Marybell launch an assault on Valentina, now the overlord of the planet. The people of Shangri-La, fed up with their oppressive leader, have revolted against their master, lead by Shion, Valentina's former right hand.

"Don't worry Alice! I'm coming to help! When there's evil that needs beating, the great hero shall appear in the light of the moon! Hehe, how was that? Pretty cool, huh?"

- Common and Uncommon cards have two varients, Normal and Foil
- Rare and Special Rare cards have three varients, Normal, Foil, and Super Foil
- Ruler cards have two varients, Foil and Super Foil
- Cards are designed to be easily obtained so that players have the amount they need to play. Players will endlessly enjoy opening packs, be sure to keep stock plentiful.
- This set is best displayed with previous sets in the Alice Cluster to garner the attention of new players!