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Aventuria Arsenal Of Heroes (RPG)

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Arbosh had driven Carolan into a corner and gotten ready to take him out with a huge blow of his Ox-Herd when he realized to his surprise that he wasn't holding the weapon in his hand. Are you looking for this? � said Carolan, triumphantly raising the stolen weapon over his head.
You disgusting little thief! � Arbosh spat out and reached into his backpack with an annoyed grunt...and pulled out another Ox-Herd from it! Luckily, I always go with two of them these days, � he added with a grim smile. Let's see which of us is better at wielding it! �
Surprise your opponents with completely new decks! Arsenal of Heroes is a duel expansion for Aventuria - the Adventure Card Game, which provides you with enough cards to play all conceivable deck combinations from the basic box.
60 action cards to complete the basic set
2 copies each of 8 additional promotional cards
9 Aventuria dice
Rules booklet